About The Musée de l'immigration

Lausanne has its first laboratory museum of immigration.

We Have a Purpose

Help people find stability

We Have a Project

Make integration possible

We Have a Way

Help people find stability

We Have Solutions

Personal stories / workshops / events

We Have an Address

Rue Saint-Martin 36, 1005 Lausanne

Why is this project important?

Because perhaps harmony among people doesn't exist but we can find a way to help. That is our mission.

What does this project deal with?

Immigration, uprooting, and separation of families. When you have these problems, it reflects on people's lives in the present and in the future.

What is a laboratory museum of immigration?

It is a laboratory and a museum at the same time. It is a place where people can meet and share experiences. Where solutions can be found in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

What does it want to accomplish?

We would like it to become a meeting place for people who have to live with the realities of immigration and separation from loved-ones.

The museum is a warm place where people can meet and exchange their ideas and find solutions to enrich their lives.

What is its priority?

Make integration possible by uniting:

  • Young and old
  • With
  • Teachers, politicians, different associations, social workers, and educators.

Who is behind this project?

A committee of 5 people along with Ernesto Ricou.

The committee also collaborates with a multilingual and multidisciplinary team.

What takes place there?

There are workshops, exhibitions, debates, informal encounters, and much more.

Rue Saint-Martin 36,
1005 Lausanne,